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Heat Pumps

Massachusetts Heat Pump Specialists

If you live in Massachusetts and are searching for a reliable, 5-star heating company, call DeWolfe Contracting. Our licensed plumbers travel throughout Central Mass and into the Greater Boston Area, servicing heating systems every day. When it comes to heat issues in your home or property, you want to ensure that the job gets done right, and at a fair price. Our goal here at DeWolfe is to deliver both! We strive to get the job done at the most affordable price for our customers, while maintaining the highest standards to ensure a quality product in whatever we install or fix.

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"What is a heat pump?"

When it comes to heating a household, a newer technology known as a heat pump is growing in popularity. Heat pumps are a system that transfers heat rather than generate it, and can help to lower costs by being an all in one solution to heat a home. a major benefit to these units is their ability to be installed both with or without existing ductwork. For some homeowners, this could mean installing the pump directly into an existing duct system. These green forward heat pumps are now highly incentivized by rebates through the Mass Save program. To learn more about the rebates, click below.


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