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Now we are not talking about your general window AC unit. We are talking about the new age wall mounted mini-split units that have become the new hot item in the HVAC industry.

Wall mounted units can be used for both cooling and heating the home.

The issue that many homeowners face is that the units begin to carry a musty odor to them, and stop operating at full capacity.

While it may seem like it's time for a new unit, the problem may in fact just be a matter of having it serviced!

Our HVAC technicians at DeWolfe are equipped to come to your home and provide a full cleaning of your AC units, and bring them back to life!

We recommend that the units be serviced twice a year to keep them running sound and keeping your house at the perfect temp!

If you have a wall mounted mini-split unit in your home, give us a call to book your next servicing!

Be sure to also inquire about joining our HVAC Home Care Club and save annually on scheduled repairs and maintenance of your homes unit!

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