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Updated: May 20

Contrary to what you may read on the label itself, Flushable wipes are not in-fact flushable. These products are labeled as such to help the marketing and the sale of the product itself.

Watch the video explanation now!

However, the flushable wipes that you may have in your bathroom are one of the most common causes of bathroom clogs.

These wipes, although very high in quality, are a dangerous animal to be putting down your drains.

We handle service calls for clogs on a weekly basis that are caused by the wipes themselves.

They tend to lock onto the insides of the pipes and end up becoming a dam stopping everything in the drain from getting

As a general rule of thumb…


It’s as simple as that folks!

Resist from buying these drain clogging products, and there you have it, PROBLEM SOLVED.

If you have a drain in your home that seems a little slow, give us a call.

DeWolfe Contracting has over 60 plumbers in your area that can come bail you out and get those drains flowing like new!

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