Air Conditioner


With summer months on the horizon, it is never too early to start thinking about air conditioning options for your home. Whether you have an existing system that needs a cleaning, or are exploring options for new installation, we've got you covered. 

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  • AC system check

  • AC cleaning

  • AC coil replacement

  • AC condenser replacement

  • Mini split installation

  • Mini split replacement

  • Winterization



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Do you work on ac?

YES. We service and install a variety of mini-split ac wall-mounted units for both residential and commercial use.

Can you charge my air conditioner?

Simple answer, No. However, it depends on the unit that you have in your home. a window air conditioner is not something that we work on, however a wall-mounted mini-split unit is. Mini-splits need to be cleared regularly to achieve the best productivity.

How often do I need my ac unit serviced?

This really depends on both the unit, and the usage that it gets. Please give us a call and we can further assess the situation.

Why is there water coming out of my mini-split?

Water leaking out of the front of the unit could mean that the unit is clogged and needs an immediate cleaning. Turn off the unit and call us immediately.

Do you install central air?

Yes. Please call us to set up a free estimate.